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Purchase CodeSuite License

Purchase licenses for CodeSuite

A CodeSuite price list can be downloaded here. When you start a CodeSuite job, you will be told how many licenses will be needed to continue. Licenses are US $10 each. Follow these steps to purchase licenses:

  1. Run CodeSuite.
  2. Obtain your site code from the Help-> Authorize menu (or click on the key icon at the top of the main window) and enter it into the text box below.
  3. Run the CodeSuite function (BitMatch, CodeCLOC, CodeCross, CodeDiff, or CodeMatch) on your code. CodeSuite will tell you the number of licenses you need. Enter that number into the text box below.
  4. Make sure popups are enabled in your browser for
  5. Click on the payment option and a popup window will allow you enter your payment information.

To obtain an unlimited-use annual or semi-annual license, contact SAFE Sales.

Site code: Number of licenses:
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