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There is a lot of FUD ("fear, uncertainty and doubt") being spread about the FBI's request to Apple to disable the self-destruct mechanism on an iPhone owned by the San Bernardino terrorists. I'm strongly against government overreach into our lives, but you may be surprised by my take on the situation and my support of the FBI's position. Read about it in this month's Scanning IP section of the SAFE newsletter.

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Bob Zeidman
President, SAFE Corporation

Scanning IP

The Truth about the FBI, Apple, the San Bernardino Terrorists, and Hacking an iPhone

The reports about the FBI's request for Apple to hack into the iPhone belonging to the San Bernardino terrorists is full of misinformation, much of it to promote various political and business agendas. I've been an engineering consultant to lawyers to support intellectual property litigation for about 20 years, so I know how to hack into devices. It's possible, it's done all the time in situations you rarely hear about, it's done under a court order, and it doesn't violate any rights. The controversy you hear now is because of political and marketing motives. Let me explain. Although I'm not involved with Apple or the FBI, and I don't have any direct knowledge of this case, my experience in similar situations informs me about what is really going on.

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