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Libertarians believe in property rights and government protection of those rights as one of the few necessary requirements of government. Ownership of property and free markets leads to competitive production and trade of goods, which in turn leads to prosperity for all of society. Yet why do so many modern libertarians dislike the patent system? It wasn't always that way. Read about it in this month'sScanning IP section of the SAFE newsletter.

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Bob Zeidman
President, SAFE Corporation

Scanning IP

Why Libertarians Should Support a Strong Patent System

Bob Zeidman and Eashan Gupta

America is without question the most innovative country in the world. This has been the case since its founding over 200 years ago. One of the great innovations of America’s Founding Fathers is the U.S. patent system. This has encouraged innovation for all of these years. However, some argue that the patent system is outdated and no longer encourages innovation. In particular, many libertarians believe that patents are government approved monopolies that discourage innovation. In this article we examine the U.S. patent system, explain how it encourages innovation, and why libertarians in particular should support this system that operates according to libertarian values and should resist current efforts at “reform” that introduce government regulation and limit competition.

Stradivarius violin

The secret to creating the Stradivarius violin died with the Stradivari family. Maybe a patent system would have preserved the innovation behind this great instrument.

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