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The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) just released its 2011 report that I discuss in the Scanning IP section of this month's newsletter.

Do you ever need a tool that will traverse a directory tree and run a program in each directory? If so, you'll be interested in Zeidman Consulting's free TreeHugger program that I discuss in the Scanning Tools section of this month's newsletter.

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Bob Zeidman
President, SAFE Corporation

Scanning IP

World Intellectual Property Report 2011

Want to invest in the next big thing? It might be intellectual property. According to the World Intellectual Property Report 2011, published by the United Nations, royalties and license fees for intellectual property outpaced economic growth in recent years. In fact, IP revenues reached... are you ready? $180 billion. That's 667% growth since 1990 when it was $27 billion, and 6,428% growth since 1970 when it reached only $2.8 billion, although that comes out to a modest, but decent, rate of about 10% annually.

There are some other heartening things in the report. In the foreword to the report, WIPO Director General Francis Gurry makes four critical points:

  1. Firms are investing historically unprecedented amounts in the creation of intangible assets – new ideas, technologies, designs, brands, organizational know-how and business models.
  2. Innovation-driven growth is no longer the prerogative of high-income countries alone; the technological gap between richer and poorer countries is narrowing. Incremental and more local forms of innovation contribute to economic and social development, on a par with world-class technological inventions.
  3. The act of inventing new products or processes is increasingly international in nature and seen as more collaborative and open.
  4. Knowledge markets are central within this more fluid innovation process. Policymakers increasingly seek to ensure that knowledge is transferred from science to firms, thereby reinforcing the impact of public research. Moreover, ideas are being co-developed, exchanged and traded via new platforms and intermediaries.

This large growth has resulted in new, emerging markets dealing with IP such as brokerages for purchasing, selling, trading, and auctioning IP, consulting companies for managing IP, valuing IP, and supporting IP litigation, and software for analyzing, valuing, and comparing IP.

Advanced Tools to Detect Plagiarism and IP Theft

CodeSuite® & CodeSuite-LT®
Sophisticated sets of tools for analyzing software source code and object code including:

Check binary object code for plagiarism.

Measure software IP changes between versions of a program.

Cross check source code for plagiarism.

Compare source code to find differences and measure changes.

The premiere tool for pinpointing copied source code.

Scour the Internet for plagiarized code.

Speed up your analysis on a multiprocessor system.

Turbo charge your analysis on a supercomputer grid.

Our online software comparison service.
Find signs of copying in any document.

Get Smart

SAFE offers training at our facility or yours or on the Web. Contact us to make arrangements:

MCLE credit in software IP

CodeSuite certification

Your New Office

Remember that you can now have your own secure office at the SAFE facility for storing proprietary software, running CodeSuite, analyzing the results, and getting onsite support. We're located at

20863 Stevens Creek Blvd.
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Cupertino, CA 95014
(408) 517-1167

Scanning Tools

TreeHugger: A Windows Utility for Running Programs in a Directory Tree

Have you ever needed to run a utility program on files in an entire directory tree? At Zeidman Consulting we run into this issue fairly often. There have been times, for example, when we need to move all of the files to a single directory or print out every file in the tree. We can open a DOS shell and use the MOVE command in the first case or the TYPE command in the second one, but we need to go into each directory and give the command. So we came up with a nice little utility called TreeHugger that allows you to specify the program to run, the parameters to give it, and the top level directory. It's pretty handy.

TreeHugger GUI

Sorry Linux and Mac people, it only runs on Windows. If you know of a similar program for those operating systems, let me know. If you want a copy of this utility program, email me at; I'll send a free copy to the first 10 people that ask.

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