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SAFE Corporation Awarded Patent Number Six for its CodeSuite Software Forensics Tool

Software Analysis & Forensic Engineering Corporation, the leading provider of forensic tools for software copyright and trade secret analysis, had its sixth patent allowed covering its CodeSuiteĀ® tool for comparing software code to help detect copyright infringement.

Be a Pioneer in the Field of Software Forensics

I hope you’re all aware of my book The Software IP Detective’s Handbook: Measurement, Comparison, and Infringement Detection. It’s the first book on Software Forensics, a field that I pioneered at Software Analysis and Forensic Engineering and Zeidman Consulting. Whereas Digital Forensics deals with bits and files, without any detailed knowledge of the meaning of […]

Do Non-Practicing Entities Impede Progress?

On April 12 an op-ed was published in the Wall Street Journal entitled Patent Trolls vs. Progress by Andy Kessler, a former hedge-fund manager. In this blog I correct many inaccuracies.

Guidelines for lawyers dealing with experts

Over the years as an expert witness I’ve worked with a lot of lawyers. Most are really sharp, some are brilliant, and a few… not so much. Here are some guidelines for treating an expert right.

The Software IP Detective’s Handbook

My book on software intellectual property has just been published by Prentice-Hall.

Do patents really kill innovation?

Peter Huber at the Manhattan Institute argues in the Wall Street Journal that software patents discourage innovation and must be disallowed or restricted. Dr. Huber’s facts are wrong and his conclusion is wrong.

SAFE introduces CodeSuite-LT

Sometimes a full-course meal is more than you need, have time for, or are willing to pay for. Sometimes fast food just hits the spot. That’s why we’re introducing CodeSuite-LT, a lower priced version of CodeSuite with most of the functionality at much lower cost.

The age of copyright trolls?

There’s a new business model to make money off of copyrights. Should you be concerned? New technology allows this business model to prosper. Can it also help you protect yourself? Read more about it here.

Multiprocessing CodeSuite-MP

Learn about the multiprocessing version of CodeSuite.

The Report Generator (RPG)

The Report Generator (“RPG”) is a new program from SAFE that automatically generates draft expert reports and declarations for litigation.